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It is easy to run out of adjectives when attempting to describe the natural splendour of Tofo. But apart from its beauty, Tofo provides a valuable tourist resource in the warmth and friendliness of its local people. The name Inhambane, means “the place of friendly people”, and to this day, this legend lives on with the local population being extremely cheerful and approachable.

Just like the local people, we at Casa Barry Lodge pride ourselves on being helpful and attentive towards our guests ensuring that each and every visitor has a memorable experience. Our friendly staff and managers have a hands-on approach when dealing with our visitors’ requirements and our wealth of knowledge about the area and what it has to offer is readily shared so that you may get the most out of your stay with us.

We have also designed the lodge accommodation with you in mind. Our rustic, reed-and-thatch units are built from local materials and contain practical finishes, thus bringing you basic modern comforts in an unspoilt natural setting. 


The history of Inhambane

With our prime location on the southern tip of Tofo point, Casa Barry enjoys the blissfully quiet atmosphere and majestic views of Tofo Bay. Tofo beach is situated in the province of Inhambane and situated 22km oustide the City of Inhambane.

Inhambane City, is a city steeped deep within history. It is one of the oldest settlements on the East Coast of Mozambique and it is recorded that dhows traded here as early as the 11th century. The natural estuary allowed vessels to enter a calm area, which offered fresh water and supplies for sailors and slave traders. During the early 15th century, Vasco Da Gama, the famous Portuguese adventurer, and his crew made Inhambane one of their favourite stop-off points to replenish their resources.  Vasco Da Gama took an immediate liking to Inhambane and its local inhabitants and named it “Terra de Boa Gente”, which means “Land of the Good People”.

To this day, many old cultural practices are celebrated here and our visitors are invited to join in and to experience as much of our history as possible. A good example (and a favourite amongst visitors) is when the local population tap the juice of the coconut trees during the flowering season, from which they brew an alcoholic beverage called “Sura”. During Sura season, there are lots of celebrations and visitors are able to taste the strong drink (at their own peril of course!).

Many tourists are under the impression that they can dive from Inhambane itself but this is not true. The closest diving to Inhambane is actually right here at Tofo, our own piece of paradise, which is also known as the whale shark mecca of the world. 

We look forward to your arrival!

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