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Enjoy the Cultural Vibes of Inhambane

Inhambane is 20km away from Tofo Beach. Its one of the oldest cities in Mozambique (although it is more a small town than a city) and has wide, tree-lined streets and elegant old buildings with an "art-deco" style of architecture.  There is a cathedral (hence Inhambane city) a museum and a beautiful old mosque and the central market is full of colour. 

You can buy fresh vegetables and fish and all sorts of interesting crafts here. The harbour and jetty are particularly interesting and you can take a dhow (local sail boat) across the harbour to the town of Maxixe. Also in Inhambane is the post office, three banks all with ATM machines that accept a wide variety of international cash point cards, the telephone exchange and two internet cafes (one on the water front and one on the market road) that offer a full range of business services. To get to Inhambane, take a local chappa (minibus taxi) from the market in Tofo to the central market in Inhambane. 

It's a great experience and one we definitely recommend when staying at Casa Barry Beach Lodge! 

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