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Estuary Tours are a Must!

Join us on a fantastic cruise around the beautiful Inhambane Estuary, where guests are guided through the rich eco-system and spectacular scenery that is only 10 minutes' drive from Tofo Bay. You will be escorted to the side of the estuary where you will climb on board a locally made, hand crafted dhow sailing boat. You will then spend the next few hours bird watching, including Flamingos, Hammerkops, Egrets, Kingfishers and so many more. We drop our guests off on one of two shallow reefs, during which time you are welcome to explore this incredible wonderland, filled with Sea Horses, Lionfish, Snowflake Eels, Pipe Fish and Cuttlefish to name a few. Time allowing, you will anchor on a small deserted island for a pinic and/or sundowners.  

A truly unforgettable experience! 

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