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Get in the saddle!

Riding a horse on a stretch of beach seems like an activity reserved for a select few – it’s the kinda stuff romantic or adventure movies are made of.

Well, we offer horse riding right here in Tofo – for ordinary folk like you and me. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, we have the right horse for you!

We invite you to spend the morning or afternoon exploring the more remote areas around Tofo and Tofinho on horse-back. It’s a very special way to take in the local countryside and to experience the culture of the local villagers.  Cavaleiros do Tofo offers lessons in the paddock and rides for all levels of experience. You can choose to stay at a moderate pace and meander through the sandy dunes, or enjoy a brisk gallop through the surf along the beach.

Don’t consider yourself a horse person? You will after this! The horses are super laidback and friendly so give them a chance – you will be pleasantly surprised! 

So you’re keen – what now? The stables are very easy to reach and are situated a mere five minutes’ drive from Tofo village. Speak to our booking office for more information!

Happy riding!

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