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Surf’s Up!

So you are visiting Tofo and you love surfing? Well you came to the right place! Whether you are a learner-, intermediate- or fancy yourself an expert surfer, Tofo can show you a good time. 

The best time of year for surfing in Tofo is during the winter months (May – August), but having said that, you can still enjoy medium-sized swells the rest of the year with cyclone swells coming through between end December to beginning March. The water is amazingly warm (averaging 24°C) and you might even be lucky enough to spot a dolphin in the break.

Now, where to go?

The main wave, Tofinho, offers a beautiful reef that runs for 200 – 400 meters. It is not recommended for beginners and is suited to the more confident surfer. You can expect a good 20-second ride with a variety of controlled and slow sections and some hard-charging fast sections that will barrel well with a bigger swell on a good day. Tofinho is a right-breaking point. If you don’t feel like paddling out, access to the tip of the point over a flat bed of rock on foot is super easy during low tide - just remember your reef-walkers!

Dragons Point is the next break (a right-hander), which links up to Tofinho Point on a large swell, thus creating a very long ride.  

Are you a learner? Well then Tofo Bay is the spot for you. It is situated about 1km north of Dragons Point. The bay is well protected from the southerly wind and swell, the water is clean and gentle with sandbanks that gradually produce bigger waves at the Northern end of the bay.

The next bay, Backdoor, is suited to the more adventurous surfer. It consists of a nearly straight sand/reef spot, and offers both left- and right-breaking waves, but with less consistency than Tofinho. It does however receive more swell, with quick and hollow take-offs. And the name Backdoor? Well, the idea is to backdoor the peak and charge through the hollow section as fast as possible before the lips swallows you!

See you in the water!

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