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Talking the talk…

Three languages are spoken in and around Tofo: English, Tsonga and Portuguese.

Although most locals speak English you may encounter some people who don’t speak English. If you are the adventurous type and expect to interact on a regular basis with the locals you may wish to memorise some of these useful Portuguese phrases:

Good morning - Bom dia

Good afternoon - Boa tarde

Good evening - Boa noite

Hello - Hola

Goodbye - Até logo

How much - Cuanto custa

I am from - Eu sou de ...

Thank-you - obrigado

Excuse me - Faz favour

Friend - Amigo

How are you? - Como esta?

I am fine - Muito bem obrigado

Toilets - casa da banho

We want to go to - Queremos ir a ...

When - Quando

Where - Onde

House - casa

Beer - cerveja

Mineral water - agua mineral

Bread - pao

Chicken - frango

Milk - leite

Steak roll - prego

Meat - carne

Hot chips - batata frita

Salad - salada

How much? - Quanto custa?

Too expensive - Muito caro

I want to buy - Quero comprar...


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