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What the heck is Muck Diving?!?

For those who don’t know, muck diving is done in about 3 - 5m deep water where you snorkel about searching for a nursery of small macro life not seen on any of the shallower reefs. It's the "muck" itself that makes these reefs unique and interesting. The muck is the perfect habitat for uncommon, bizarre and young organisms such as the pygmy seahorse and frog fish.

Who thought this out? Well, in the 1980’s a group of divers  in Papua New Guinnea decided to dive in a very shallow, silty inlet (against everyone’s advice of course), and discovered a new magical world of teeny tiny marine life that truly contributed to our understanding of our marine environment to this say.

So you are keen? Join us for a muck dive at our local lagoon at the point of Barra. It’s a great morning out for divers and non-divers alike and at times may even be more rewarding than diving! 

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