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Yet another amazing diving trip!

This week was yet again testament to just how special diving at Casa Barry is.  Apart from the magical ocean life that blesses our reefs, the diving team makes the experience such a memorable one! Have a look at these pictures to see what awaits our visitors at Casa Barry! And for our soon returning visitors here is a teaser that is sure to get you even more hyped up!


Our very own Steve with a paddle-flap scorpion fish! 

The well-camouflaged weddy scorpionfish has been discovered by Steve! 

An even-smaller paddle-flap scorpionfish! 

Come and explore our office reef! Every day at the office should be like this! 

This cool little rockmover wrasse mimics bits of floating seaweed! 

A crescent-tail bigeye hanging out at The Office.

This curious honeycomb moray swam right through the group!

A big malabar grouper!

Colourful striped large-eye bream and bluebanded snapper.

One stoked Captain Steve!

Steve providing the entertainment! 

A small, male reef manta cruising by on Office Reef.

White tip reef shark cruising by the divers! 

This large female reef manta stayed with us for the entire dive! 

She was happily cleaning at one of the cleaning stations during the entire dive!

... and continued to do so after we had to go up! 

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